Mara Days

Mara and I hang out weekends.

She sits, leaning into me, sometimes throwing her head back and pushing her snout into my face.

Labradoodles are crazy, it turns out.

After Allye’s dog, Beethoven, passed on in October last year, we hadn’t planned on getting another dog. She was consumed by Beethoven and his passing was sudden and traumatic.

But in December, I missed having a presence around the house and Allye was needing something as well.

We’re not particular and couldn’t afford too much. Labradoodles generally cost way above what I would pay. I actually like mixed dogs anyway.

I was looking on the local classified site. The stories are interesting. Whenever I found something we liked they were already spoken for.

On Christmas day we went to Grandma Marley’s and I while scanning through the classifieds to pass the time, someone posted a Labradoodle for $100. I texted back and asked why so cheap (they generally run $1300). He replied that he was more interested in finding the dog a home quickly since he was going out of town and didn’t need the money.

He said there was one other person interested, but if they decided otherwise, it was ours and we could just have her for free. She was the pick of the litter but the original person that wanted her backed out at the last minute.

30 minutes later, he texted to say she was ours and we rode 45 minutes out to get her.