Tilting About

Tilting At is a personal web log by Bryan Baker. I’m writing this at the beginning and won’t attempt to summarize the content here. I just want a blog where I can come to write about the odds and ends of my thoughts. I think that’s what blogs should be. Or at least my favorite blogs are.

About Me

I’m best known as the publisher of GAJOOB, a zine for outsider music which I started publishing in print in 1986.

I manage a couple printshops in the Salt Lake area. I’ve been in the print industry since 1985 and learned graphic design on the job. I purchased an EOL’d Mac 512K and ran Pagemaker from two discs. The industry has changed constantly over the years. I have a strong interest in local business and helping business owners and managers develop and communicate a brand, engage locally and build upon their vision.

I’m currently developing a couple websites along those lines: discoverlocalusa.com and homebasedbusy.com.